Digital marketing logos have a lot riding on them. Digital marketers are constantly talking about marketing materials and just how important they are.

They talk about maintaining quality and consistent marketing materials and how important that is for maintaining a brand that’s consistent in every aspect.

That totally cohesive brand…

If you’ve worked with us on an SEO campaign, you’d probably have heard us talk about how important content is.

If you’ve landed on a search-optimised landing page or blog post, you’ve probably wondered why someone felt like they needed to write 5,000 words on digital marketing.

Well, SEO and…

The Google Experience Update is a new brain baby from Google. It’s a new algorithm update that’s coming our way in 2021. Basically, it’s yet another advancement in Google’s obsession with User Experience (UX). They’re rolling out an algo update that better measures how positive an experience users have on…

Sonder Marketing

We’re a small digital marketing agency specialising in web design.

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