Digital marketing logos have a lot riding on them. Digital marketers are constantly talking about marketing materials and just how important they are.

They talk about maintaining quality and consistent marketing materials and how important that is for maintaining a brand that’s consistent in every aspect.

That totally cohesive brand starts with your logo. And having a quality logo that says all the right things about your brand? That’s a really big deal for digital marketing agencies.

These agencies don’t quite face the same pressure as branding and graphic design agencies will, but the pressure still there and so is…

Google is ruining SEOs’ Christmases everywhere with a December Core Update. In the 10 days since the announcement, results have been all over the place, with Google rankings fluctuating up to 10 spots on the SERP and back.

As with all core updates, it’ll take a little while for it to settle and for “definitive” rankings to take place — with experts saying they’ll settle within this coming week. We think MozCast sums this update up pretty nicely.

An alarming number of Tinder profiles call for a partner who, “doesn’t take themselves too seriously” and honestly, your marketing should follow suit.

After all, your business pursuing customers isn’t so different to swiping online.

Your customers have loads of choices and brands that, often, are all kind of saying the same thing.

Take a marketing agency for example. 90 per cent of the digital marketing websites online are going to tell you they’ll polish your online presence, increase your leads, and grow your business.

And of those 90 per cent, probably 80 per cent will mention the funnel, just…

Websites are quickly becoming the equivalent of your shopfront. It’s where you get noticed, where you make sales, and sometimes, it’s even where the entire transaction goes down. So, imagine if you had a shopfront but a select portion of the population just couldn’t enter it.

There wasn’t enough lighting to see the front entrance, there wasn’t a ramp at the front, and you had to be ~in the know~ to find the front door handle. That’d just be bad business sense, right? Same goes with accessibility in your website design.

What does making your website accessible actually mean?

Making your website accessible means making sure every aspect…

If you’ve worked with us on an SEO campaign, you’d probably have heard us talk about how important content is.

If you’ve landed on a search-optimised landing page or blog post, you’ve probably wondered why someone felt like they needed to write 5,000 words on digital marketing.

Well, SEO and a lot of content go hand-in-hand. We all know Google froths the content, but how much do they actually want? How much content is too much? Is it actually quality over quantity or is it… a little bit the opposite?

The factors that go into your ranking position

Referring Domains & Backlinks

A backlink is where someone has linked to your website…

So, back in July, the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, or the guys angry customers always plan to call) announced they’d developed a new code of conduct, which would see Google and Facebook have to pay Australian publications for news.

Aussie treasurer, Josh Frydenberg said the idea is for the code to “level the playing field” between our publications and the two tech giants.

“We want Google and Facebook to continue to provide these services to the Australian community, which are so much loved and used by Australians,” he said.

“But we want it to be on our terms.

The Google Experience Update is a new brain baby from Google. It’s a new algorithm update that’s coming our way in 2021. Basically, it’s yet another advancement in Google’s obsession with User Experience (UX). They’re rolling out an algo update that better measures how positive an experience users have on websites and awards ranking points to the best sites accordingly. It’s a touch more complex than that but none of us are data scientists, so we think it’ll do.

What even is User Experience (UX)?

Good question and one we should hash out before we go further. …

Admittedly, we realise it’s probably a little harsh talking about travel, given the state of things. Trust us, we’re pining for an overseas trip we weren’t even planning too. But, we thought Google Travel and all its little tabs were super interesting. Especially because this is yet another of Google’s categorised search engines.

There was News, then Videos, then Maps, then Shopping, and it continues to get more and more impressive. But what do these new search engines and tabs mean for Google and for the companies in these industries? And more importantly, how can we take advantage?

What is Google Travel?

Google Travel…

Recently, Sonder was named #9 out of 10 of Australia’s top marketing agencies to watch by Yahoo. Huge right? Yeah look, it’s not. Tom got a call from a guy who offered to chuck us in the write up if we paid $200 and the website had a Domain Rating of 91 so we were like hell yeah.

And honestly? That’s how a massive, massive chunk of marketing and PR is done today. Half the write ups you see on brands aren’t inspired by the quality of their products, the tenacity of their entrepreneurship, or by their new branding. …

Google Reviews are seriously so important. It’s not just because a bad Google Rating makes you look bad either. That is a really good reason though. Google Reviews actually contribute to how you show up on Google Maps, Google Local Listings, and even in the SERP. On top of that? Your Google Rating will affect your click-through rate… duh.

The odds are kind of slated against your business though. Due to the general nature of humans, we’re more inclined to leave a bad review than a good one.

Humans focus on the negative. Don’t believe me? Compare how many times…

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