Learning how to write a blog is an amazing idea, both for you and your business. You’ve probably heard how good blogs are for SEO , credibility, and implementing a cracking content strategy, and it’s all true. Good blog writing is all about creating content that offers value to your readers, but also, directly supports your business. So, it’s essential for business owners to learn how to write a blog.

What is a blog?

Why do you need a blog?

What part does your blog play in your content marketing strategy?

How to come up with blog topics

Keyword research, your competitors’ blogs, and putting yourself in the shoes of your customers. That’s how you come up with blog topics. Keyword research helps you work out what’s getting searched, what people are asking about your industry or your product. Your competitors’ blogs help too. This bit sounds dodgy… We’re absolutely not telling you to go and rip off your competitors. We’re telling you to go and look at what they’re doing, then build on it. Create something more useful and resourceful. Then, there’s putting yourself in the shoes of your customer. What do they need to know? What are they always asking you? What would help someone get ready to enter a project with you?

There’s trends too. Is everyone in your industry talking about something specific? Find a unique angle, ask different questions to everyone else — make sure to jump on the bandwagon too. The other way to come up with unique, interesting, or valuable blog topics? Literally just ask your customers what they want. Throw the question out there in a Facebook poll or an Instagram story. Then, take the feedback on board.

How to write a blog

1. Pick your topic

2. Pick your keywords

3. Map out your post

4. Fill it in with your research

5. Time to write

6. Proofread x 3

Time to post! Head below to learn how to post your blog in WordPress.

How to write a blog post in WordPress

1. Start a new post

2. Fill in your blog post

3. Add in images

4. Add in any videos or GIFS

5. Pick categories & tags

6. SEO

7. Excerpts & Socials

8. Pick an author

9. Preview & Proof

10. Hit Publish!

Originally published at https://sonder.com.au on January 31, 2020.

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